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Screwed By The System

Everyone has a story, right? Who did what to whom and how someone isn't getting what they deserve. I will be the first one to say that there often times that I want something I don't deserve or didn't earn. This isn't one of those times, however.

As I suspected, I am going to be screwed by the fire that raged through my garage on March 1st caused by a Jeep factory installed remote starter. The insurance company will not give me every dime I paid and so far, it appears I am down about $6k. Why is that? What did I do to deserve the big shaft? People will say, well its how the system works. Well the system sucks. The system is flawed. Who will fight for me when I don't have it in me to fight at all?

My BFF's are going through the same thing with their Short-Sales turned Foreclosures. The followed the guidelines, did everything they were supposed to do and still, screwed by a flawed, unmanaged, uncontrolled system. There is no one to fight for them either. There are literally MILLIONS of people in America affected by similar circumstances. It's true not every one of them can say it was "through no fault of their own" but still....

Tears, ranting, a gazillion public posts, letters to higher ups, threatening lawsuits- none of it works ultimately. We are the small and they are the large and size does matter. They have all the money and we have none and there is nothing we can do about it.

I desperately want to disengage. I want to leave this life and all of its intricacies and fineprint behind. I want to take my family, my friends and my dogs and be somewhere with a notebook and a pen. I don't want to put myself in a position anymore where I am vulnerable to being screwed by yet another system.

Does anyone know where that place might be? I would love to know.

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