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Flash Fiction Challenge

Paradise, California
A young family must make a life altering decision
~ Seeking Agency~
The Chronicles of Mia Mater
Mother of All Animals Small & Smaller
Mia isn't your average 9 year old. She has a unique gift when it comes to animals. A special melody plays in her head whenever there is an animal in need. Her special sparkly kiss heals whatever her hands cannot, whether it's a drowning chipmunk or a spider with all her babies (yuk!).
Follow Mia in this 5- book picture book series as she learns all the ways to save God's littlest creatures. 


~ Seeking Agency~

Its 408CE and a barren empress, Maria Stilicho; has faked her death to escape her vile husband, Emperor Honorius. She is heading south in search of her mentor, the last of the Chief of the Vestal Virgins, Celia Concordia. When these women last saw each other, they were fleeing their home in the Roman Forum during a siege by the Visigoths. Maria needs Celia’s help to save her mother, its help she alone can give.

But Celia is dying and before she will save Maria’s mother, she educates her in the life she was supposed to lead. Celia teaches Maria about a Vestal Virgin of the first brood, Rhea Silvia.  Rhea, sheltered and ignorant but blessed with a vision of the Goddess Vesta herself. As events unfolded, she gave birth to the twins who founded the greatest city the world has ever known.

Next, Celia shares the story of Aemilia, the Vestal with the cherub face; who became caught in a web of forbidden relationships that jeopardized not only her most sacred vow but the eternal flame that burned for Rome.

Lastly, her mentor shares her own story , how she fought for the “Old Ways” to stand alongside Christianity instead of being extinguished by it. Maria is honored to be in the presence of this great oracle and the most revered Vestal of all time.

…But what about Maria’s mother? Can Celia save her? Or has she come too late?

ISBN 978-1-4834-4466-6

Times have changed! Children of today have their heads buried in their phones or tablets and are missing the world. It's important for adults to teach them to recognize and appreciate what is going on around them. When a child opens their eyes each day, are they seeing the bright red outfits worn by a marching band in neighborhood parade? Or are they witnessing a rainbow that appears on a misty morning?


Through whimsical prose, evocative language and stunning illustrations, this book for children helps them to acknowledge the colors in nature and in their world. The thought-provoking activity pages guide children to explore their surroundings and appreciate what they see outside their windows each day of every season.

Meet & Greet
~ Short Story, Completed~
A green journalist is thrust into a situation way over her head. She will come face to face with someone she's been wanting to confront for awhile. Wracking her brain and searching her heart, she struggles with knowing the right thing to say.

    The Birth of Ah-Puch      

    ~ Work in Progress ~

    Two young Mayan boys witness an owl struggling for its life & fail to help it. The suffering of the owl imbues Iktan, one of the boys, and leeches into his village. The owl's death brings 9 Evils upon the tribe. Evils that ultimately would lead to the death of the Mayan people and birth of a God.


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