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Life Changing Pro-Biotic

So let'f first do a disclaimer.

*** I am in no way benefitting financially from this endorsement. I am not affiliated with Dr. Amy Lee or Nucific, I am just a happy customer***

So if you follow me on Facebook you link I am a link whore. I click on a LOT. Most of it is entertaining or not, but one day I followed a link called "3 Harmful Foods You Should Never Eat".

It sounded intriguing so I started watching until I realized this was a 45 minutes long video. Of course, being me and just wanting someone to tell me the answers, I was annoyed. But only for like the first 10 minutes, then I was too busy getting my mind blown.

Not only do I eat the 3 Harmful foods regularly, I thought they were doing me good! I learned A LOT. And, even though I am overweight and have been for most of my life, I don't consider myself clueless to nutrition. I read labels and know portion sizes, etc. But it was the processing of foods by the body that I didn't understand.

Dr. Amy Lee, who wrote, shot and narrated the video; taught me a lot. At the end of the 45 minutes, came the sales pitch. I knew it was coming. She is honest up front that you don't need to buy her supplements to get the benefit, you can buy 7 individual supplements and basically get the same benefits. But what I did learn is not all pro-biotics are created equal. How could they be, right? Quality of ingredients plays a big part which is why some pro-biotics are $20 a bottle and others are $80 a bottle. I also learned that the number of active cultures does not necessarily mean you are getting a better quality of pro-biotic. More is not always better in this case.

I learned a ton of other stuff that I won't go into here but what I will do is tell you the short version. I bought one bottle and have been taking one pill a day. You are supposed to take 2, one in the am and one in the pm. I haven't done the pm one yet, not sure why.

It's been a month and I feel fabulous! I can't even believe what a difference I feel.

Energy!- not the jittery kind or the up all night kind. I am very sensitive to that. I just feel well rested.

Appetite Suppressant- It really is. And I feel more satisfied than usual after my meals.

Digestive health- Yay regularity!

Mental clarity- I have no idea why but I have felt more focused, maybe because my liver is cleaner? No idea.

Weight loss- Yes but I dont know how much yet cause my scale is broken and I am also on a ton of prednisone at the moment which counteracts that.

What about side effects? Well there is one. Its a big one too. Musical flatulence.

Ya know, everything comes with a price and if this little supplement can keep me going in this way AND help me to lose weight, I will embrace my gas whole -heartedly. In fact, I will shove a megaphone up my butt and put it on the radio! All hail, Nucific!

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