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My Curtain Call

Today is my last day at Philips Electronics. I have been there 9 years and was laid off due to cost-cutting, downsizing, yadda yadda. 9 years is a record for me, I haven't been anywhere even half that long. I secretly harbored a desire to be laid off but when it actually came, I cried- a lot.

The story goes like this. When Brian and I decided to move off of Long Island we took weekend trips around NY to see what felt good. We hit Saratoga Springs and it was a no-brainer. We loved it and made our move quickly. We built a house before selling the old one or lining up any jobs much to the dismay of pretty much everyone around us.

We had a well laid out plan but God laughed at it and said "OH NO, I have something else in mind", I was laid off from my job ( a sucky job but a job none the less) about 6 months before we planned on moving. I moved up to Saratoga and stayed in a lovely farmhouse on a 20 acre horse farm. I was alone and job hunting/playing online poker for a month while Brian finished his Master's Degree. There was this job...sounded like a great fit. I had applied in September 2005 and the headhunter kept telling me the job was on hold indefinitely and he didn't know why. The company was called Intermagnetics. They were in Latham NY and they made MRI's for one client and one client only, Philips.

Finally in July 2006, I got an interview. I was the only candidate and I aced it. I was exactly what they needed but only for 3 months. The reason for the hold up was that the company was in the process of being sold to Philips and although they could hire me now, I could be let go pretty immediately. I didn't care I took the job anyway. Who would have thought that nine years later I would one of the last 3 IT personnel standing?

All the next level up managers were let go within 6 months and the rest of us were left to muddle our way through the intergration disaster. How anyone thought I would be a good project manager after that is beyond me! But they did..

The personal stuff all worked itself out, in a long and crazy way but it did. It all worked out for the best. So yes, while I am sad I was let go, I left it all in God's hands and this is where he put me. I can't be sad about that. God is always in control and you can fight it or roll with it and have faith to see where it takes you. I am choosing to roll with it.

Onward and upward I always say.......okay so not dark and twisty today. Today is bright and shiny....

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